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Brianna Musco’s My Only Pretty Thing Lyrics an Absolute Home Run


In a day and age where countless musicians are putting out new music constantly, it can be very difficult for aspiring songwriters to break through current trends and create a following that is legitimately interested in their every move. Brianna Musco has done just that, keeping her fans on their toes with back-to-back smash singles, most notably her latest release My Only Pretty Thing that came out this past Friday, March 26th.


In her latest release My Only Pretty Thing, Musco perfectly executes creating a catchy pop song while also incorporating a well-thought-out lyrical meaning that ranks up there with songs by artists such as Demi Lovato, Halsey, and fellow New Jersey native, Fletcher. You can listen to My Only Pretty Thing here.

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Brianna Musco: The Next Big Thing in the Music Industry

E Monthly News:

There is nothing as thrilling as achieving something that many people said is unachievable. Rising music star Brianna Musco has proven time and time again that she can never be swayed by what other people say she cannot do. Instead, she sets out to make them happen to inspire others to do the same. She never allows negative statements stop her from pursuing her dream to become a music artist.

After generating 150,000 streams on Spotify for her debut EP Forever, Brianna is unstoppable and is out to wow fans anew in the coming months. This coming fall, she will be releasing her new music as an independent artist. Brianna’s positivity and confidence is electrifying as she looks forward to more tours in and outside of the country in the near future. 


31 New Jersey bands you need to hear in 2020


Driving, catchy pop-rock is alive and well in North Jersey with Brianna Musco, a former Division I college soccer player who now spends her time as a globetrotting singer-songwriter. The Montvale native touts a bright, guitar-driven sound with a huge upside in 2020. Musco will be heading out for her first European tour this winter and will be returning with her homecoming show April 25 at The Mercury Lounge in New York City. She will be releasing her next single in February, she says.


Brianna Musco, Independent artist, taking the music industry by storm


Brianna is a singer-songwriter who is also classically trained in guitar. Her debut EP, “Forever,” (pop/rock) has been streamed over 200,000 times worldwide. On the stage, Brianna Musco surpasses all expectations with her high energy performances and stunning vocals. Musco looks to capitalize on her previous successes with her highly anticipated release of her new single, "Never Stay" this September 18th, 2020.


Brianna Musco Is Spreading Hope Through Her Music


The music scene is teeming with emerging artists that all deserve recognition for their hard work and talent. Singer-songwriter in New York City, Brianna Musco, deserves to be among the list of artists that people should check out.

Coming from New Jersey, Brianna Musco is making big strides in the industry. Her debut EP titled "Forever," has been streamed over 200,000 times worldwide, and she has promised the release of her new single, "Never Stay," this September 18, 2020.


“Never Stay”: Brianna Musco Is Dropping Her New Single Soon

Music Industry Weekly:

New York-based singer-songwriter, Brianna Musco will be releasing her much-awaited new single, “Never Stay” on September 18th, 2020. Just a few nights of sleep away, and fans will finally get a hold of the rising artist’s new hit. 

After the success of her debut EP, “Forever,” which garnered an outstanding 200,000 views worldwide, Brianna has been hard at work touring the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe. Together with her band, which is composed of some of the best musicians in the Tri-State area, the singer-songwriter is spreading positive energy during this pandemic.


Brianna Musco to Drop New Single in September Following Her International Tour Success


Following her successful international tour in Europe, the quickly rising singer-songwriter Brianna Musco is set to drop her latest single this September. The rising female rockstar has revealed that the new track will take on a more pop-hip-hop approach than her debut EP Forever.

After touring different parts of the United States, Brianna took her music to international stages, touring from January to February 2020 in over 16 countries. She performed her songs in Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, Romania, Belgium, France, and Denmark. 


Brianna Musco Is the Female Rockstar Making Serious Noise in the Music Industry


Brianna Musco is a rising female rock, pop, and hip-hop artist best known for her hit debut EP Forever. Since 2019, she has been making some serious noise in the music industry, which led to several tours all over the United States and in different parts of Europe. Currently, she is working on her upcoming singles to be released in September 2020.

Raised in New Jersey, singer-songwriter Brianna always thought her career would revolve around sports. Playing for Division I soccer for Delaware State University and a three-sport varsity athlete in high school, it was natural for her to pursue this path. However, her passion for sports was interrupted when she could no longer play soccer due to concussions. At this point, she reassessed her interests in life to look for a new path to tread.


Brianna Musco Talks About Her New Single Release Date and Much More


Brianna Musco is an up-and-coming musical talent that has seen a lot of success with her dynamic songwriting style. Her music incorporates catchy, rhythmic lyrics, tasty instrumentation, and impressive live guitar solos to captivate her audience. She has performed in different parts of the United States and has hopped all over Europe from country to country. She performed in Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Scotland, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Latvia, Germany, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, and France. She has amassed numerous fans from all over the world as she performed music from her debut EP Forever.

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