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Brianna Musco is a pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently based out of New York City. Most known for her debut releases "Forever" and "Neve


Growing up, Brianna always balanced her music lessons and her impressive athletic career. In college, she played Division I soccer for Delaware State University while also majoring in classical guitar and voice performance. When she was no longer able to play soccer due to a head injury, Brianna decided to retire from soccer and study abroad.

Brianna credits her trip to Italy her Junior year of college for why she decided to pursue music. "As soon as I came home from Florence, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life meeting new people, traveling, and singing every night." 

With this new motivation, Musco released her debut single "Forever" in June of 2019 and it has been streamed over 200k times worldwide! This single gave Brianna the opportunity to tour throughout Europe and the UK prior to the global pandemic, performing in over 35 countries this past Jan-Feb 2020. 

Similar to every artist, Brianna was forced to postpone all touring dates during the global lockdown. She credits this downtime as a very important part of her career, as she was able to write her next few projects, including her highly-anticipated follow-up single, "Never Stay". 

"Never Stay" is a song that Brianna wrote to bring attention to topics that usually go overlooked. She wrote this song hoping to connect with her fans on a very personal level, as she says this is the first song she let herself feel vulnerable. 


Opening herself up to her fans like this has had an outpour of success as "Never Stay" garnered over 120k streams in its first month on Spotify alone! Brianna will be releasing a powerful music video for this song in the coming weeks and a follow-up single before the new year.

Brianna is looking forward to performing again once it is safe to return to the stage. Stay-tuned for all upcoming releases!

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